Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

One of the largest cultural events in Moscow
An international exhibition of contemporary art, which cooperates with the capital's leading art venues, centres, museums, galleries throughout the city. The biennale traditionally includes a main international project by the invited curator, special guests' exhibitions, special projects organised by Russian curators at independent venues, and a parallel programme taking place in Moscow's galleries and exhibition halls.

Educational programme of
the Moscow Biennale
The audience will find 30 lessons about contemporary art and the connection between classic and contemporary works. Learn about the List No. 1 of the Russian avant-garde, where did the characters of the films Alien and Predator really come from, how the best impressionism collection was created in Russia, and much more.

The lectures are held by Aleksandr Borovsky, Olga Sviblova, Zelfira Tregulova, Sergey Choban, Mikhail Piotrovsky, Aleksandr Borovsky and others.

Watch a playlist with 30 lectures on Youtube
"A Journey from Tourist to Artist" and "Research as an Artistic Method"
N. Semyonova "Dance" and "Music" by Matisse
M.B. Piotrovsky. "Saint Peter and Saint Paul" by El Greco
A. Borovsky. "Picasso"
I. Doronchenkov "The Luncheon on the Grass", "Manet"
S. Choban. Chernikhov and his Surroundings. Architecture as an Area of Conflict
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Aleksandr Borovsky. The Struggle for Paintings in the 60s–80s
S. Khachaturov. Agnolo Bronzino and the Florentine Mannerists
S. Konaev, T. Kuznetsova. The Ballet "The Sleeping Beauty": from the Classical Staging to Modern Interpretations
Katerina Novikova. "Bolshoi Theatre – 21st Century: Exploring the Landscape"
  1. M. Kamensky. Russian Art as a Brand
Zelfira Tregulova. "Russian Avant-Garde and Modernity: from Suprematism Exhibitions to the Exhibition...
Sergey Choban. Berlin. The Transformation Experience of a European City
A.L. Rastorguev. "The Four Elements" by Giuseppe Arcimboldo
Natalia Semyonova. "The Lost Van Gogh and the Returned Cezanne: the Sales of the 30s in the First Museum...
Grigory Zaslavsky. How to Watch a Show?
19th Century Art: the Discovery of Modernity
Modern Art in a Classical Museum
Hermitage Traditions of Communication with the New Art
Lecture by Aleksey Rastorguev "Were the Middle Ages actually Dark Ages?"
The Story of How Pavel Tretyakov Collected Modern Art
Natalia Semyonova "The Cradle of Russian Avant-Garde: Gauguin, Matisse and Picasso in Moscow"
From the Classical Villa to the Modern Business Centre: Andrea Palladio and Zaha Hadi
Aleksandr Borovskoy's lecture: "Canon in Soviet Art: Form, Ideology, Consciousness"
Ivan Tuchkov's lecture "Mutually Beneficial Piety: the Apostolic See and Art in Rome...
Olga Sviblova's lecture "Russian Art on the World Stage: what did the World Learn about Russia in the 20th Century?"
Sergey Popov. "Erik Bulatov's Art"
Andrey Sarabyanov. "Primitivism: the Russian Style of the 20th Century"
Olga Sviblova: "Lucio Fontana"
Ilya Doronchenkov: "Picasso. Les Demoiselles d'Avignon"
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